What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is broken down into two key fields of expertise.



On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing websites and individual web pages with the target to rank them higher than your competitors in the search engines and ultimately bring you more traffic and customers.

There are many signals that are used in the search engines algorithms, we continualy test these algorithms to see which factors are more important and missing from your site.



Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page SEO refers to the practise of improving your website visibilty on platforms outside of your site. Good practise is to maintain certain key resources, such as a facebook page, LinkedIn Business Page, Google My Buisness Page and other Citation sites.

Backlinks are also often mentioned with SEO Agencies, as it's often a quick way to rank. The reality is, backlinks do help with rank, but depending on how they were obtained can have longterm consequences on your site.

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Why is On-page SEO important?

Googles goal is to deliver the best user experience (UX) for it's visitors. They deliver results that they think are well designed, to the point, answer the searchers questions, and easy to navigate. This forms the essence of the Google's and other search engines algorithm. All you need to do is deliver a site that meets this criteria and you will win in the rankings.

Our SEO Service

SEO changes on a daily scale, Google and the other search engine make changes to what they believe to be important factors as well, releasing daily updates and a few large updates throughout the year.

We have a number of testing platforms that can be used to better understand the correlating ranking factors for each niche (yes every niche has different factors). Once we have fully analysed these we build an implementation plan to address said issues to your site. SEO is ongoing, we continually monitor the ranking factors and change accordingly..

Basic SEO Ranking Factors


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Transparency is key, we are 100% clear on what your expectations should be prior to ordering any of our services. No one can guarantee that they will put your website to the top of Google. We run a test on your site, look at the ranking correlations with your competitors, and tell you what needs fixing. Simple and honest!