Our SEO Audit Service

Our SEO Audits are detailed, looking at over 800 ranking factors relevant to your site and your competitors.



SEO Ranking Factors

There are SEO agencies that run your site through a simple onpage analysis tool and only look at your sites SEO score. Our audits are different. Using your keyword and the current rankings we analyse why your rankings are where they are against your competition, looking at over 800 different signals.

We deliver the results in a simple roadmap, with what the more important changes required are, and what to do about it.



Is 800 SEO Factors Overkill?

Although we analyse and compare 800 search signals, we do not present to our clients that all these need changing!

We only use these factors to see how they are used in websited and are reflected in the search rankings for a specific keyword. This gives us the most important signals that correlate to higher rankings, in your niche for your given keyword.

Example of Our SEO Audits

Our SEO Audit Example

We will give you a full Excel Spreadsheet with a score against the most relevant signals in search for a given keyword. Along with this report will be a detailed implementation plan that can either be carried out by us or completed by yourself. We rerun the report on completion to make sure it has been implemented correctly.

Additional SEO Factors

Once we have completed the onsite SEO report, we run through some external tests like site speed and give you some recommendations on how to speed up your site and improve your authoritiveness within your industry. Site changes do not have immediate effects on rankings, it's usual to have to wait 2 weeks or longer to see slight movements, but differs depending on the crawl rate, cache refresh time and other factors. We will advise you though the whole process should you become a client.

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Why people choose us?

Transparency is key, we are 100% clear on what your expectations should be prior to ordering any of our services. No one can guarantee that they will put your website to the top of Google. We run a test on your site, look at the ranking correlations with your competitors, and tell you what needs fixing. Simple and honest!