How New Edge SEO Works?

How Our Services Work?


Step 1

Take a look at our Services page and choose which one you need and would like to try out. If you're having trouble deciding, then feel free to contact us and we'll do it together!

Step 2

Place the order on our site, or give us a call and we can send you an invoice. Make the payment in your own time, as soon as payment is made we will be notified and can start work on your site.

Step 3

We will be in contact to make sure your expectations are met, and we will give you an estimated time of completion. This contact is usually within 24hours of payment.

Step 4

We hope to over deliver on your order. We are only happy if our customer is happy. We will send you a completed report and follow it up with an email or phone call to see if you need any further help.

We Help You Build A Better

We analyse your needs carefully

We will be asking you questions about your site, which make it easier for us to deliver exactly what you want. There are no hidden fees, or scales of service, just one flat fee. So we both don't get caught up on the small stuff and can deliver the best website possible.

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We Provide A Fully Optimized Site

We build our websites with 3 main factors in mind. 1. The speed of the site, which is not only a ranking factor but also more pleasant for your readers. 2. Reader engagement, it is so important to keep your readers engaged and make sure they can clearly see the services you offer and the advantages of using you! 3. SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation. We make sure your site is releavant for your field, has the right amount of images, text, headings and 100s of other factors to give you the edge in rankings.

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Watch our video tutorial

Still not sure about Wordpress? Well check out this video introduction of how easy it is to use Wordpress.

Why people choose us?

Transparency is key, we are 100% clear on what your expectations should be prior to ordering any of our services. No one can guarantee that they will put your website to the top of Google. We run a test on your site, look at the ranking correlations with your competitors, and tell you what needs fixing. Simple and honest!